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D'Bags Want a Punch in the Face: Take Isan Diaz #70 (Supplemental 2nd)

It's profoundly personal now.

The Arizona D'Bags.
The Arizona D'Bags.

Isan Diaz: SS/2B, 5'10", 170, L-R, Springfield, MA


BA Top 500 Rank: 145

Projected Draft Slot: Rd. 5-10

Perfect Game Grade: 10 (2nd Team All American, Northeast Region 1st Team)

Chances He'll Come to Campus: Good

Pick #70 Slot Value: $808,600

*My Guess this Morning: There's all but certainly going to be a team that drafts one of these guys a lot higher than I've projected, and that kid's going to jump at the money.  If I had to bet, I'd say that's Dylan Cease or Isan Diaz this year.

*My Take Now: The D'Bags clearly want a punch in the head.  Even the damn Blue Jays weren't douchy enough to take 3 of our recruits in the top 2 rounds.  What the hell's going on here?  That's it.  You get none of them now, Arizona.  No Touki Toussaint.  No Cody Reed.  No Isan Diaz.  Hell, I'm giving you back Justin Upton just to take him away.  FULL SCALE ANTI-DIAMONDBACKS OFFENSIVE COMMENCES NOW!

*At least no one's taken Dylan Cease.