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Justus Sheffield Picked #31 Overall by Cleveland

Son of a...

Justus Sheffield, possibly never coming to Vanderbilt.
Justus Sheffield, possibly never coming to Vanderbilt.

Justus "Gatorade National POTY" Sheffield: LHP, 6'2", 195, L-L, Tullahoma, TN

BA Top 500 Rank: 49

Projected Draft Slot: Rd. 2

Jim Callis ( Rd. 1 (Supplemental) Pick 34 to the Cardinals

Perfect Game Grade: 10 (1st Team All American)

Chances He'll Come to Campus: Low to Medium

My Guess (this morning): Sheffield's a bit of a long shot, but we've got the "come play with your brother" angle that got Aaron Nola to play for LSU (he was picked in the 22nd round by Toronto due to obvious signability concerns, and was offered back end of the first round money, so he would likely not have gotten out of the top 2 rounds if teams thought he was signable).  That keeps us in the game.

Pick #31 Slot Value: $1,733,000

In addition, Cleveland picked Bradley Zimmer, OF from University of San Francisco with pick #21.  He's expected to be a quick, slot-to-below-slot signing, so there might even be some extra cash thrown Sheffield's way.

This is no bueno.

Time to start drinking.