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Tyler Beede Chosen #14 overall by the San Francisco Giants, Touki Toussaint #16 to D'Backs

The Beede pick just made too much sense not to happen. Toussaint... well... maybe we can get Beede on the phone to tell him he'll make slightly more money if he comes to Vandy?

Tyler Beede, San Francisco Gigante
Tyler Beede, San Francisco Gigante

#14 San Francisco Giants - Tyler Beede, RHP, Vanderbilt

Though it's a bit too early to say, it looks like Beede's decision to turn down the Blue Jays in '11 and come to Vanderbilt was a good one, even if he dropped a bit from where he was pegged to go in the pre-season.

The Giants, though often painful to watch, and located in one of the strangest places in America, have the top pitching development staff, with a track record of maximizing the arm talent of their draftees.  If you want Beede to succeed in the pros, he really couldn't have gone to a better team.

The knock on Beede, as we all know, is his control can go wonky from time to time, and he becomes unable to find the strike zone.  However, as we also know, when he's on, he's unhittable.  See his 8 IP, 0 R, 14 K feat of dominance over Xavier to open last weekend's Regionals.

Here's the money discussion, as per the request of reader "lsmsrbls": First, he went #21 overall to the Toronto Blue Jays in '11, and went #14 overall to San Fran tonight. We know the Blue Jays offered $2 mil for the bulk of the negotiation period, and we believe they upped that to $2.5 mil at the last second.  Beede's adviser set his price at $3.5 mil, effectively saying, "He's going to Vanderbilt unless you buy him away."  Toronto wasn't willing or able to go that high, and we all know what followed.

Here's the #14 slot value: $2,613,200.

He certainly didn't lose any money by coming to college. He may command slightly higher than slot, too.

As for a player who probably will never don the black and gold...

#16 Arizona Diamondbacks - Touki Toussaint, RHP, Coral Springs Christian Academy, FL

Of course, Arizona has had some history of not signing first round draft picks, so we can hold out hope... I just wouldn't recommend it.  Touki, we hardly knew ye.

#16 slot value: $2,338,200

Here's what I wrote about him earlier today:

BA Top 500 Rank: 12

Projected Draft Slot: Rd. 1 (picks 7-20)

John Manuel (BA): Rd. 1 Pick 13 to the Padres

Jim Callis ( Rd. 1 Pick 13 to the Padres

John Heyman (CBS Sports): Rd. 1 Pick 11 to the Blue Jays

Patrick Ebert (Perfect Game): Rd. 1 Pick 13 to the Padres

Perfect Game Grade: 10 (1st Team All American)

Chances He'll Come to Campus: Low