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2014 MLB Draft Open Thread

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Draft begins at 6pm CT on MLB Network and Stay here to find out where Beede and Toussaint (and possibly Ravenelle late 2nd?) go, and cross your fingers and pray you don't hear the names "Justus Sheffield" or "Dylan Cease." Comment up, Vanderbilt commentariat.

Who will pick Tyler Beede?
Who will pick Tyler Beede?

For a comprehensive Commodores draft guide, make sure to read my post from earlier this afternoon.  It addresses who might be drafted, in which rounds, and who's likely to return (for the current Dores) or come to campus (for the commits).

Feel free to post any draft related questions or comments below.  I'll be here all night.

Here's the link for live coverage on

Here's the link to the draft tracker.

Here we go...