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Four Commodores Named to the All CWS Team

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Also, Baseball America's Aaron Fitt shows what it looks like when a sportswriter completely understands his subject material (you're still on notice, SI's Jon Tayler).

Tyler Campbell, American Hero.
Tyler Campbell, American Hero.

The 2014 All College World Series Team:

C: Nate Irving, Virginia
1B: Kevin Cron, TCU
2B: Branden Cogswell, Virginia
3B: Tyler Campbell, Vanderbilt
SS: C.J Hinojosa, Texas
OF: Brandon Downes, Virginia
OF: John Norwood, Vanderbilt
OF: Rhett Wiseman, Vanderbilt
DH: Dansby Swanson, Vanderbilt
P: Artie Lewicki, Virginia
P: Brandon Waddell, Virginia

Congratulations to Tyler "The Greatest Human Who Has Ever Lived" Campbell, John "Jon Tayler has Never Heard of Me" Norwood, Rhett "The Natural" Wiseman, and Dansby "The Mansby" Swanson (though he really should have been given the 2B slot).

Check back tomorrow afternoon, as I revisit my first column from the season and see what was proper soothsaying and what was just bourbon-fueled bluster.

In addition, if you want to read a great article about the CWS that completely grasps its subject matter (and isn't written by me), check out Aaron Fitt's "College World Series Notebook: Best Teams Were Last Ones Standing" at Baseball America.

Here's a snippet:

The two most talented teams in college baseball were the last two standing in Omaha. That does not usually happen.