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Stanford v. Indiana: Play to be Our Super Regional Opponent

Stanford and Indiana play today at 4:30pm CT on ESPN3 for the right to play Vandy in a Super Regional match up this coming Friday.

Stanford v. Indiana
Stanford v. Indiana

I'm going to try to live blog this 4:30pm CT match-up (shown on ESPN3) so we can better scout our opponent.

Last night, Stanford launched an improbable comeback, with a 3 run pinch hit home run in the 8th inning by Wayne Taylor which propelled the Human-Tree Chimeras to a 10-7 victory at Bart Kaufman field.

Though pitching match-ups have yet to be released, it's likely a battle of IU's mid-week starter v. Johnny Wholestaff of Stanford.  Don't expect to see Stanford's star closer A.J. Vanegas, though, as he went 5 and 1/3 innings in last night's game.

We're all rooting for Stanford today (vomits in own mouth), as a win by the Human-Tree Chimeras will cement Nashville as the hosting cite for our Super Regional series.  If the "Fightin' Bobby Knights" manage to pull it off, we'll have to travel to Bloomington, which may or may not even have an airport (I'm betting no).

Interesting note: The Long Beach State Dirtbags just beat UNC 12-5 to advance to their Regional Championship against  #4 seed College of Charleston in the Gainesville Region.  Wouldn't it be kind of cool if both west coast teams we destroyed at the outset of the season advanced to Supers?  LBSU will have to beat Charleston twice to do this, but it's feasible.  Poor UIC and Winthrop never quite made good on the "Swept by Vandy Boost," though, so it's more of a correlation than a causation, but still...

I'll update this when I know more, but for now, just look on in awe at my ability to do remedial photoshop!