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Vanderbilt v. UC Irvine: Fight to Stay in the Winner's Bracket (open thread)

Louisville played sloppy this morning and Texas took full advantage, eliminating the Cardinals 4-1. In a few minutes, Vanderbilt faces the UC Irvine Anteaters for the opportunity to stay in the winner's bracket and not have to play again until Friday. Loser plays Texas Wednesday in an elimination game.

These uniforms will likely have people in them shortly.
These uniforms will likely have people in them shortly.

Before we begin this open thread, I'd like to remind you that while anteaters appear monstrous and other-worldly, they are primarily to be feared by ants.  Commodores are quite larger than ants.

I repeat: Commodores are quite larger than ants.

We all know the story-lines at this point (but humor me while I recap them):

  • This is the first ever match-up of Vanderbilt and UC Irvine on the baseball diamond.
  • Good Beede v. Bad Beede
  • Bryan Reynolds' "Dirty White Boy" stache v. The Juan Valdez Stache-a-Like Club of UC Irvine's pitching staff.
  • Small Ball v. Even Smaller Ball
  • Dansby "The Mansby" Swanson v. The Canadian All Girl Pop Band known as Taylor Sparks
  • RHP Tyler Beede v. LHP Elliott Surrey

It begins.... NOW!

Here's today's line-up according to @VandyVaseball (no surprises):

VU Lineup: Swanson 2B, Reynolds LF, Conde SS, Wiel 1B, Turner 3B, Wiseman RF, Norwood CF, Fulmer DH, Delay C, Beede RHP

*Additional reminder: If you took the Physics test, the results can be found here.  I'm sure, like fellow comment-er "lsmsrbls," you received a perfect score.  Let's all agree that that statement is true and move along.  Nothing to see here...