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Vanderbilt, Virginia Open As Co-Favorites to Win the College World Series

Virginia, the highest remaining seed left in the 2014 NCAA College Baseball Tournament, is one of the two favorites to win the College World Series. Their co-favorite may surprise you.

Wait...Louisville's getting what kind of odds?
Wait...Louisville's getting what kind of odds?

Here are your 2014 College World Series odds, courtesy of Bovada. Two "V" schools - Vanderbilt and Virginia have opened as the favorites to win it all:

Team Odds
Vanderbilt                     3/1
Virginia                         3/1
Texas                           4/1
Mississippi                   6/1
TCU                              6/1
UC Irvine                       7/1
Louisville                      8/1
Texas Tech                   12/1

That's high praise for a Commodore team whose late struggles left them on the bubble to earn a Regional hosting gig. Oddsmakers must have faith in Tim Corbin's ability to finally break through and defeat the final boss in his video game ascension to the top of the college baseball pyramid. However, it's also a reflection of just how unpredictable this year's NCAA Tournament has been. Only two national seeds, Virginia (#3) and TCU (#7) remain in the running for a national championship. Three of the teams that will compete in Omaha (Texas Tech, Texas, and UC Irvine) didn't even have the chance to host their own Regional.

Expect these odds to shift over time as bets roll in. Louisville, who has wrecked their (admittedly underwhelming) competition in dominating fashion in the last two weeks, is undervalued at 8/1. The Cardinals have plenty of experience coming back from their 2013 trip to the CWS, and they have the talent on both sides of the ball to make waves in Omaha. TCU, who finished the regular season with 47 wins, has had their odds downgraded due to a tough Super Regional battle against #3 seed Pepperdine at home. They are getting worse odds than Texas - a team they swept (and allowed only one run against) during the regular season.

These odds may not reflect the true power rankings of the College World Series, but it's nice to find a sport where Vegas actually has faith in a Commodore team for once. Vanderbilt may not be much of a value bet at 3/1, but they're being placed alongside a dominant Virginia team as the co-favorites to take home this year's NCAA Baseball Championship.