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Breaking: ESPNU Showing Vanderbilt v. Oregon Game

7pm CT on ESPNU. It appears they're recognizing this will be not only the most entertaining game, but the one that's most likely to draw eyeballs to the screen. If you can feel a tug on your eyeballs for longer than a few seconds, back away from the screen and put on your safety goggles. If this continues, consult a doctor.

It took me far too long to find this logo.
It took me far too long to find this logo.

The big muckity mucks at ESPN must have taken a gander at the 11-0 and 18-1 curb-stompings Vandy and Oregon threw at Xavier and Clemson, respectively, and had to immediately change their pants.  They also had to change their programming schedule.  The Nashville Regional Winner's Bracket game will now be shown at 7pm CT on ESPNU.  If you don't have ESPNU, I would imagine it will still be available on either ESPN3 or the WatchESPN app, or you could stop being an anti-social ass and go watch it at a friend's house or a bar.

These are your options.

Tonight's match-up should favor Vandy on the pitching mound, but anyone who watched that track meet against Clemson yesterday afternoon will tell you Fulmer's going to have a lot to contend with tonight.

Pitching Match-up:

Vanderbilt: 43-18 (1-0 Nashville Regional) #8 RPI

Sophomore RHP Carson "The Florida Flamethrower" Fulmer (5-1, 1.31 ERA)


v. Oregon: 43-18 (1-0 Nashville Regional) #23 RPI

Redshirt Senior RHP Jeff Gold (10-2, 3.14 ERA)


Quick Recap of Last Night's Game

Tyler Beede's Line:

8 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 14 K

That's all you need to know.

Your Face While Reading That Pitching Line: