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NCAA Baseball - Nashville Regional Starting Pitchers Announced

In addition, let's use this as an open thread for all watching the Oregon v. Clemson game this afternoon (12pm ESPN3). Let's scout the crap out of this game!

Your Friday starter, Tyler Beede.
Your Friday starter, Tyler Beede.

#3 Clemson v. #2 Oregon 12pm CT ESPN3

Clemson LHP Matthew Crownover (8-5, 2.26 ERA)

v. Oregon LHP Tommy Thorpe (10-4, 220 ERA)

Both Jack Leggett and George Horton are pitching their Friday starters, meaning Vandy will either see RHP Daniel Gossett (7-1, 1.78 ERA) from Clemson or Jeff Gold (10-2, 3.14 ERA) from Oregon.  Gossett's a hard throwing righty with a 95mph heater and a serviceable curve, whereas Gold is more of a control-forward pitcher.  Regardless, this is a welcome development, because there's no way in hell we wanted to see Thorpe.

#4 Xavier v. #1 Vanderbilt 7pm CT ESPN3

Xavier RHP Vinny Nittoli (6-3, 1.98 ERA)

v. Vanderbilt RHP Tyler Beede (7-7, 3.49 ERA)

Both coaches are throwing their Friday night starters here, as well.  We'll be getting Xavier's best effort, so Beede's going to have to throw strikes.  Do that, and we win.  Don't do that, and... I don't want to think about it.  For those wondering why we wouldn't save our Friday starter for tomorrow's match-up versus either Clemson or Oregon, it's become eminently clear that Carson "The Florida Flamethrower" Fulmer is our best pitcher, but we get to appease Beede by telling him we're just going with the regular weekend rotation.  It's the best of both worlds, really.