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Nashville Regional Teams Announced

Here's who we'll be playing this weekend. I'll post a more in depth regional preview later tonight or tomorrow.

Nashville Regional

1. Vanderbilt : 41-18 (17-13 SEC)

2. Oregon: 42-18 (18-12 Pac 12)

3. Clemson: 35-23 (15-14 ACC)

4. Xavier: 29-27 (8-10 Big East)

The regional tournament is double-elimination, with our first game against Xavier on Friday at 7pm CT on ESPN3. Though Xavier made the tourney on the back of a Big East conference tournament championship, they're not who we're going to have to keep our eye on.  This is not a "Group of Death," but it will by no means be easy.  Additional story lines: Corbin v. The Past (Clemson), and Corbin v. The Team Who Tried To Give Him All The Money (Oregon).

*Potential Super Regional match-up:

1. Indiana (#4 National Seed)

2. Indiana State

3. Stanford

4. Youngstown State