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"Breakfast in Hooverville": Game 2 v. LSU

Barring a Paul Manieri Embolism, it'll be Beede v. Poche.

After Carson Fulmer-ing past THOSE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED, our team enters the double elimination tournament, starting off with a game against LSU.

Pitching Match-up:

RHP Tyler Beede (7-6, 3.42 ERA)

v. LHP Jared Poche (8-3, 2.29 ERA)

Last time we faced Poche, he lasted 4 and 1/3 innings, and gave up 5 H and 4 ER in a loss.  Poche is a great freshman, but we can tag him.

In short, this may as well be a Regional Seed-Off!  Mainieri has been throwing barbs at us for the past few days, so we might as well give him the Paul Mainieri Embolism.

Clot his blood!  Clot his blood!

Or something like that.

Point is, Beede needs to avenge his 1-0 loss where he pitched his best game.

Let's do this.