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Join the AoG NCAA Tournament Pick'em Pool!

The fastest four weeks of the year are upon us. Join other Vanderbilt fans and put your bracket together with Anchor of Gold to see if you can win our fifth annual contest!

Swatkins and Carter want you to join the AoG Pick'em.
Swatkins and Carter want you to join the AoG Pick'em.
Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

It's NCAA Tournament time, and though Vanderbilt won't be dancing there's still time for you to get a dog in the fight. For the fifth straight year, Anchor of Gold is challenging its readers to join our March Madness Pick'em pool.

You can enter by joining our Yahoo! league through this link. There's no password required - but you will need a Yahoo! account to participate.

We still have a TiMBERFLY iPhone case to offer as the grand prize to our winner, so this year there will be more than just bragging rights on the line. You can see what that looks like - and how it will fit in with your rich mahogany bookshelves and collection of fine brandies - below.


We're still shuffling to get more prizes for you guys, so that might not even be all. Come join our party and celebrate March Madness with the AoG community. Even if you don't win, there's a 82% chance your bracket will be better than mine!