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Coaches Poll II: The Poll-E-Ning

Alternate title: "Poll 2: Electric Boogaloo."

'Tis the season...
'Tis the season...

Way back in the beginning part of the season (October 7th for those who demand specific detail), we ran a poll asking the fan base what should be done about these horrid coaches of football.  Here's what I wrote then:

There's been a lot of infighting of late amongst the commentariat.  All of it is eminently understandable, as this season began with our hets getting wet, and knocked us from "Hey, it's reasonable to expect us to go 6-6" to "Let's exacerbate our drinking problems!"

As our medieval barbers remind us, crying into our pewter julep cups has gotten our humours out of balance, and the homunculus inside us is demanding a bloodletting.

Though I don't think we're succumbing entirely to binary thinking, there seems to be two main camps:

Camp 1: I've seen enough!  Fire the whole coaching staff!  And never darken our towels again!

Camp 2: I'm angry, but firing a coach mid-season or at the end of his first year is unwise!  (Camp 2 is potentially likely to offer up Karl Dorrell as a sacrificial lamb, but this is more speculation than fact.)

Sure there are many other ways to look at this, but nuance and polls go together like orange juice and toothpaste, so let's just throw a poll up and see where our fan base stands.

Feel free to expand on your position with more nuance in the comments section.

The results were as follows:

  • 13%Kill it! Kill it with fire!!!(65 votes)
  • 16%Wait until the end of the season and clean house (except for Bankins).(81 votes)
  • 42%Wait until the end of the season and fire Karl Dorrell (everyone else may stay).(209 votes)
  • 20%Everyone stays. You need at least two seasons to determine whether a staff is any good.(101 votes)
  • 6%Everyone stays. You need at least three seasons to determine if a staff is any good.(32 votes)
  • 1%Six seasons and a movie!(5 votes)
  • 493 votes total

Now that CDM has appeased our bloodlust with the firings of OC Karl Dorrell, an incompetent strength coach who made them all do yoga, and someone I've already forgotten about, are you happy?

As it's full-on Festivus season, time to bring out the poll again...