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Did You Know: Vanderbilt University is the Birthplace of College Basketball

Out of convention, people have always considered Geneva the site of the Genesis of College ball. Too bad they were two months too late.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA recently published a story so under the radar and unimportant in the grand scheme of things that the world hasn't taken notice. Until now.

According to research done by Vanderbilt resident sports historian Bill Traughber, Vanderbilt has a legitimate claim to the title of "birthplace of college basketball."

Geneva claims that in February 1892, the "first college basketball game was organized intramurally by students," but that Geneva didn't play in an official game until April 8, 1893, when it defeated the New Brighton YMCA 3-0.

Seeing as intramural sports do not count towards the unofficial designation, Geneva's claim of April 8, 1893 appeared to be fairly legitimate. Well, at least until Traughber fortuitously stumbled into looking at the record on Vanderbilt's behalf.

His research led him to a Nashville newspaper article written in Feb. 7, 1893, saying that Vanderbilt would play a YMCA team that night. But that wasn't enough. He needed proof the game was actually played -- and he found it.

Another article, dated Feb. 8, read that the game was played and Vanderbilt won 9-6. There was also a roster and a game score listed in Vanderbilt's yearbook, The Comet. The date of that contest preceded Geneva's first official game by more than two months.

Fire up the marketing machine: "Vanderbilt University - The Birthplace of College Basketball."