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Join the Anchor of Gold Bowl Pick'em!

Once again, Anchor of Gold is teaming up with SofaChamps to give you the opportunity to prove that you know more about football than we do. From the New Orleans Bowl to the National Championship Game, we've got it all right here.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Bowl season is upon us, and since the Commodores will be watching from home, Vanderbilt fans may need a little something extra to care about this holiday season.

Enter the Anchor of Gold Bowl Pick'em contest.

Our Pick'em is your chance to prove that you know more than any other Vandy fan when it comes to college football. You'll go up against AoG writers, community members, and more in a quest to showcase your postseason knowledge. There are 38 bowl games that will lead up to the national championship showdown, and we're asking you to pick a winner for all 38.

And you can sign up here.

Though the SBNation preferred Pick'em is Yahoo!'s, we run the AoG lineup through SofaChamps, a platform constructed by a pair of West End grads who operate out of Vandyville and run purely on mash liquor. Picks are weighted, so you want to put the most points on the choices that you're most confident about. Think South Alabama is going to murder Bowling Green (duh)? Put 38 points on them. Have no idea who wins a slugfest between behemoths like Louisiana Tech and Illinois? 1 point.

You'll have to sign up on the website, but if you've played our Pick'em in the past then you should be all set to log in. What's the prize this year? Well, we don't actually know yet. We're still working on that part...

But still, sign up! Here's the full text link: The league goes live December 20th at 11am CST. Get your picks in before then to be eligible for the sweetest prize of them all - confirmation that you're smarter than everyone at Anchor of Gold.