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Report: Karl Dorrell Will Not Return as Vanderbilt Offensive Coordinator, per

Football Scoop is reporting that offensive coordinator Karl Dorrell, architect of Vanderbilt's famed "three-and-out" offense, will not return to the team in 2015.

Aw man, again?
Aw man, again?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Barton Simmons of 247sports notes that this is not accurate. Original story below.


This is just a report, and it's pretty loosely sourced right now, so take it with a grain of salt. But Football Scoop is a generally reliable website, and they say...

Dorrell just finished his first season with the Commodores after spending the previous year as the quarterbacks coach with the Houston Texans. He led Vanderbilt to a stellar 17.2 points per game this fall, good enough to rank 120th amongst FBS teams. For reference, there were only 128 FBS programs in 2014.

Firing Dorrell would sate the desires of a fanbase that grew more and more disillusioned as the season wore on. The Commodores cycled through quarterbacks (four starters in 2014), failed to block anyone reliably, and made three-and-outs a new, sad Vanderbilt tradition. The 'Dores are stocked with young talent at the skill positions, so it stands to reason that they will be able to adjust to whatever new scheme may be installed on the sidelines at Dudley Field.

We'll have more news on the story - including possible OC candidates - as we hear it.