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Dore to Dore - Episode 2: Chase Garnham Talks Vanderbilt Football and His Successful Lawsuit Against the NCAA

Chase Garnham grew from a two-star recruit into one of the SEC's best linebackers, playing in three bowl games along the way. He stopped by to talk about Vandy football, James Franklin, Derek Mason's first year, and his role in Ed O'Bannon's lawsuit against the NCAA.

How does Chase Garnham get into Vandy games? By buying a ticket like the rest of us plebians.
How does Chase Garnham get into Vandy games? By buying a ticket like the rest of us plebians.

Dore to Dore, the only Vanderbilt Commodores talk show hosted in my basement, is back for a second installment. This week, we've got a very special guest on hand - former Commodore linebacker, SEC Player of the Week, and two-time victor over the Creamsicle Warriors back east - Chase Garnham.

Garnham, you'll remember, succeeded Chris Marve as the leader of this team's defense from the middle linebacker spot. He was one of Bobby Johnson's many underrated recruits who went on to become a highly-valued member of some of the most successful teams in Commodore history. After a 2-10 start, he finished his college career with 24 wins and three bowl appearances. Garnham played in nearly 43 percent of the postseason games in which Vanderbilt has ever participated.

Chase was kind enough to drop by and talk about everything from his recruitment as a high school athlete to his landmark case against the NCAA. He was one of six then-active players to join the case against the governing body as part of Ed O'Bannon's anti-trust lawsuit in 2013. He also discusses James Franklin's departure, Derek Mason's defensive transititons, and his tryout with the the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Here's the episode in full:

You can find the award-winning first episode of Dore to Dore, starring Kyle Fullerhere. Thanks to technical difficulties, the video is a 25-minute steady shot on Kyle, but it features a great discussion about the life of an NCAA athlete and the rewards and drawbacks that come with it. Like Chase, he also gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the coaching culture at Vandy.