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'Dore to 'Dore, Episode 1: Talking Basketball and Non-Fiction with Kyle Fuller

Kyle Fuller is an SEC Champion, a conference Player of the Week, and, with a little help, a non-fiction author. Kyle took the time to sit down with us and talk about his book, Below the Rim, as well as the issues that plague Vandy basketball.

Kyle Fuller left Vanderbilt as a starting point guard, SEC Player of the Week, and a conference champion. Now, he's looking to add "Author" to his list of titles.

The Kickstarter for Kyle's book, Below the Rim, went live today, and you can find it at He's looking for backers that will help him get the in-depth look at college basketball's back rooms and shady deals out to readers by next summer. Kyle was nice enough to sit down with me on Sunday and talk everything Vanderbilt basketball for our first-ever installment of Dore to Dore - our Commodore interview series.

We talk about:

  • his book
  • how the color of his skin affected how opposing fans treated him
  • girls
  • his relationship with Kevin Stallings
  • whether or not Stallings is as much of a hardass as he appears from the stands
  • Vandy's issue with players leaving the program
  • and the role education and his academic advisors played in his four years in Nashville.

What I forgot to bring up:

  • why Kyle isn't wearing a shirt in like, half his Instagram photos
  • what he's going to be for Halloween
  • if he thinks the Edgefield Sports Bar on the east side has become overrun by hipsters.

Like most normal people, I had not used Google Plus before. As a result, enjoy 23 minutes of Kyle's answers and reactions while my disembodied voice asks him questions from another dimension. I promise that the video worked both ways when we filmed this.

Kyle's Kickstarter can be found here. A $25 donation gets you a signed copy of the book, a poster, and a personal thank you card from the former Vandy PG himself.