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UMass Win, Bye Week Lifts Vandy to #119 in Sagarin Ratings

The bye week saw Vandy rise four spots in the computer rankings, thanks to part to a UMass win and the statistical impossibility of a Commodore loss.

We're coming for you, Harvard!
We're coming for you, Harvard!

Vandy football hit a new low last week when they sunk to #123 in Jeff Sagarin's NCAA ratings. Now, thanks in part to a win from early-season foe UMass, the Commodores have rejoined the top 120.

Vanderbilt rose to #119 after an undefeated week. Their small jump up the rankings can be attributed in part to an unlikely two-game winning streak from Massachsetts - a team the 'Dores narrowly beat in September. The Minutemen's win helped offset an embarrassing loss from the only other program Derek Mason has defeated as a head coach. Charleston Southern feel to Presbyterian 7-3 this weekend. For reference, Presbyterian lost to Northern Illinois and North Carolina State by a combined score of 97-3 this year.

20 FCS teams are currently ranked in front of the Commodores:

37. North Dakota State
62. Illinois State
72. New Hampshire
74. Villanova
76. South Dakota State
78. Jacksonville State
84. Northern Iowa
87. Coastal Carolina
88. McNeese State
89. Eastern Washington
94. SE Louisiana
98. Missouri State
100. Southern Illinois
103. Chattanooga
104. Richmond
105. Sam Houston State
109. Youngstown State
110. Indiana State
111. Harvard
117. Fordham

The Commodores were rated ahead of only two teams from BCS Conferences after week eight:

123. Kansas
144. Wake Forest

On the plus side, the trend is moving in the right direction for Derek Mason. UMass is proving to be a better team than expected, and while that's only the difference between a top 200 team and a top 150 one, it gives that win a bit more validity. Vanderbilt will return to action this Saturday with a road trip to #26 Missouri.