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Vanderbilt Football 2013 Position Primers: Kicker

Carey Spear is one of the SEC's best and most accurate kickers. That's not what he's known for, though. GIFs ahead.

Spear, in a quiet moment of reflection.
Spear, in a quiet moment of reflection.

When he's wasn't making 20 of his 24 field goal attempts in 2012, Vanderbilt's All-SEC kicker Carey Spear could have been found:


Destroying T.J. Moe.


Flipping Wake Forest returners and sauntering excitedly off the field.


Hitting Cordarelle Patterson hard enough to briefly knock himself back three seconds in time.


And sending Ashely Lowery through a low-rent spacewalk simulation (in 2011).

If Spear isn't your favorite kicker in the SEC, let alone the NCAA, then I don't know what to tell you. HAIL VERTIGO, GOD OF DESTRUCTION AND CHAOS! SPEEEEEEAR!!!