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Conrad Gregor, Mike Yastrzemski, and Spencer Navin Sign Deals With MLB Clubs

Conrad Gregor and Spencer Navin will end their college careers after three years, opting to sign with the Astros and Dodgers this week. Mike Yastrzemski, Vandy's senior leader in the outfield, signed with the Orioles.

It had been way too long since we brought this back.
It had been way too long since we brought this back.

Two more Commodores will be ending their college careers early, as first baseman Conrad Gregor and catcher Spencer Navin both signed with Major League teams this week. Senior Mike Yastrzemski, an All-SEC standout and the heart and soul of this team along with Tony Kemp, also inked a deal.

Gregor signed with the Astros for $481,900, which was slot value for his draft position in the fourth round. Navin earned an above-slot contract worth approximately $300,000 for his defensive skills behind the plate. Terms for Yastrzemski's deal have not been officially announced.

Gregor, Navin, and Yastrzemski have followed in Kemp's footsteps. The SEC Player of the Year was the first Commodore to sign with a team when he inked a deal with the Houston Astros on Wednesday. He and Gregor will likely be teammates in rookie league baseball to round out the summer.

That leaves Kevin Ziomek and Connor Harrell and the only unsigned Vandy draftees left in 2013. Ziomek, a second round pick as a junior and Harrell, a seventh round pick as a senior, are both expected to accept contract offers in coming days.