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So, Remember That Time Jacquese Kirk Stabbed A Former Vandy OL?

Former Vandy CB/WR Jacquese Kirk, who has decided to transfer from the school, admitted to stabbing former Commodore OL Justin Cabbagestalk at Tin Roof last month. James Franklin originally stated that Kirk's transfer was due to disciplinary reasons, and has declined the chance to update his statement.

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James Franklin is tough on crime; you stab a teammate, you're gonna have to transfer...or at least apologize really nicely.
James Franklin is tough on crime; you stab a teammate, you're gonna have to transfer...or at least apologize really nicely.

Vanderbilt CB/WR Jacquese Kirk announced that he was transferring to Jacksonville State earlier this spring. The official team reason, according to head coach James Franklin, was due to a "violation of team rules."

It turns out that stabbing a former teammate is one big violation of said rules.

Kirk admitted on Monday that his transfer stemmed from an incident at the Tin Roof bar on Demonbreun Street where he stabbed former Vandy lineman Justin Cabbagestalk with a pocket knife. Cabbagestalk declined to pursue charges against Kirk, and no charges were filed against the redshirt sophomore. The former offensive line prospect apparently didn't even know he'd been stabbed until he felt a hole in his shirt several minutes later. A late night trip to the emergency room - hours after the original incident - confirmed that the wound had nicked his intestines.

The report is equal parts surprising, bizarre, and disheartening. It's disturbing that two teammates would come to blows, let alone that the altercation would result in Kirk pulling out a knife and trying to seriously injure another person. On the other hand, Cabbagestalk's entirely nonchalant response to the events stand to make him a Bill Brasky figure on West End.

More importantly, while it's understood that these issues are private and that there were no charges filed, a stabbing certainly merits more discipline than a punitive transfer. Kirk certainly deserved to be dismissed from the team following such a reckless stunt. If Cabbagestalk were still a part of the program, he'd merit punishment as well for his role in the altercation. The team's inability to get ahead of this story, control the lead, and ensure that all parties were held accountable is a disappointing revelation for James Franklin and his staff.

Franklin has declined the opportunity to update his statement on Kirk, but we'll hopefully learn more about the situation as time progresses.

Jared Morse is currently suspended from the team for undisclosed violations of team rules as well. I wonder who he stabbed?