the hangover, week 6

In which a 41-year-old Commodore supporter realizes he's definitely still bleeding black and gold, because the wounds aren't healing.

Really, there's not much you can say. If I felt particularly hateful, I'd say something about not griping about fans being in the stadium at kickoff until the defense can get into the stadium by kickoff, because SEC opponent have racked an aggregate 48 unanswered points in the 1st quarter. At which point you're playing from behind and have to pass heavily, and oh look, we have one proven starter who everybody is keying on, and boy do we miss Zac Stacy, and why can't we get off the field, and...

I think the disappointment comes from the fact that it wasn't supposed to be like this anymore. Sure, we might get beat, but we'd make a game of it. Other teams weren't supposed to just waltz into our stadium and blow us off the field, especially not newcomers to the conference who had a suspect 4-0 against out-of-conference foes. Well, it's not suspect. They rolled us.

We have a couple of weeks before playing a Georgia team that looks like a MASH unit and still gutted one out over a depressingly-game Vol squad in Knoxville. In that time, we have to figure out a few things, such as:

* A regular running back who can move the ball. (Advantage Seymour at the moment.)

* A way to try some things that worked before (like the deep ball, or the power set against Ole Miss, or etc) which we inexplicably don't seem to have gone back to. Why not just try to wildcat the ball all the way down the field one time with Tate and Seymour and see what happens?

* A way to get a cinderblock on a chain to attach to Kimbrow's leg whenever he catches the ball in the end zone. DO NOT BRING IT OUT; IT IS NO LONGER WORTH IT BECAUSE THE BALL GOES TO THE 25 ON THE TOUCHBACK.

* And most of all, MOST of all, some kind of modification to the defensive scheme that lets the defense at least impede the running QB. Maybe it means burning some redshirts, maybe it means changing formations, I don't know, but what we are doing now plainly Does Not Work. At. All. The roles have reversed: now Donovan is the guy who seems to have some ideas and Shoop is the one whose squad makes me rip the non-existent hair out of my scalp.

Two weeks to get ready...then Georgia, Florida and Aggie all in a row. At which point we might well be looking at 3-6 and needing to run the table for another bowl bid and outside shot at Birmingham. Maybe.

I still believe this is not Same Old Vandy. We will get better. I still believe we will get there. But it's not a short trip and we are not there yet.

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