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Last Chance to Win a TiMBERFLY Anchor of Gold iPhone Case in Our College Pick'em League

Now with working links! I think!

We didn't do ourselves any favors when we first announced this contest with the wrong link in the text, so we're giving everyone another chance to sign up and win the badass TiMBERFLY iPhone case you see below:


All you have to do is go to Yahoo! and sign up for our College Pick'em league, making your picks each week and winning points for correct guesses. Here's the sign up information:

League: Anchor of Gold! (ID #20526)
Password: zacstacy

In order to sign in, you'll have to follow this link and bunch in the ID # and the password above. I promise it works this time. I think.

Then, just create your pickset name and start choosing winners. In order to avoid ties, we'll use confidence points and drop everyone's lowest scoring week in case anyone forgets to make their picks. At the end of the season, whomever has the most points gets the TiMBERFLY iPhone case.

Picks lock on Saturday morning, so you'll have to get your choices in by then. Right now it's a small group, so your chances of winning the iPhone case and a distinct feeling of superiority over your fellow AoG commenters are pretty good. Sign up today!