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Kentucky 60, Vanderbilt 58: It sucks but the officials got the call right - UPDATE: Nope

What is the argument for making shot clock violations unreviewable?

Memorial Magic Fell Just Short Tonight
Memorial Magic Fell Just Short Tonight
Frederick Breedon

UPDATE: A thorough video review in the early morning hours shows that my original postulation was incorrect, and that the refs did, in fact, blow the call. Regardless, there's no legitimate argument why shot clock violations should be unreviewable. None.

ESPNU will re-air the game today at 1:30pm CT. Pay attention to the time on the game clock when Kentucky gains possession.


The Vanderbilt Commodores overcame a bleak first-half shooting performance with a second-half, nine minute stretch that saw them score eighteen straight points to push Kentucky to the brink. Memorial Magic fell just short of one of the more impressive Commodore comebacks of the last ten years, as Kedren Johnson's game-winning three pointer at the buzzer drew a little too much iron and caromed harmlessly away.

Unfortunately, the great effort and hard fought comeback will be footnotes to the main talking point of the game for most people that watched--the questionable shot clock violation that saw Kentucky extend its three point lead to five points with less than a minute to play.

First off, the officials got the call right. It was not a shot clock violation despite all the evidence to the contrary. Unlike the game clock, the shot clock does not show tenths of a second in college basketball. When the clock ticks down to zero, there are still nine tenths of a second left (0.9). This is why neither the scoreboard lit nor the buzzer sounded. Of course, this doesn't excuse the fact that THIS SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BE REVIEWABLE IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL. While we're at it, fix the shot clocks to show tenths of a second once it ticks down below ten seconds left.

I thought Coach Stallings post game words mirrored my sentiments: "I told the team that even if Kedren had made the shot to win, that I couldn't be prouder of my players. I'd be happier, but I couldn't be more proud." Right on.