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The Chain - Commodore News Roundup: August 9th, 2012 Edition

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Vertigo channels his inner rage before going thermonuclear.
Vertigo channels his inner rage before going thermonuclear.

The Chain is the roundup of all the daily Vanderbilt Commodores news "links" to help you "Anchor Down."


Some trolling might be in order.

It’s Vanderbilt week at Rock M Nation, SBN’s Missouri blog. Feel free to peruse their commentariat’s opinion of our football program’s ceiling.

Emphasis on Tight Ends This Season?

Maybe so, according to TE Dillon Van der Wal: (Tennessean’s Vanderbilt Insider Blog)

"I worked hard today," van der Wal said. "Jordan made great throws. Austyn made great throws. They make it easy to catch the ball when they put it right on you.

"They’re putting a lot more emphasis on the tight end this year coming out and running routes. Kentera with his speed really helps with stretching the defense and running routes, and getting out and beating coverages. I think all of us together create a natural problem for defenses."

Less VERTIGO on Kickoff

There are always unfortunate casualties when new legislation is introduced . The unfortunate casualty of the new kickoff rule? FEWER CASUALTIES AT THE HANDS OF VERTIGO. (Tennessean)

"We understand with (touchbacks going to) the 25, in a game of inches, a 5-yard difference is a big deal," said Spear, who has handled kickoffs the last two seasons. "But with the returners and skill-sets they have in the SEC, and trusting that we can get the ball in the end zone, I think we’re just going to try to boom it out."

"Futbal" in the South

Rick Bragg produced this work for ESPN The Magazine. I haven’t read it yet, but it didn’t exactly get high marks from Spencer Hall over at EDSBS:

Or did it? Nope, it didn't. A couple more @edsbs gems:

The Lohr of the Wild Dogs

Jerome Boettcher of the Nashville City Paper with a nice read about DT Rob Lohr.

Before Spencer arrived prior to the 2011 season, the Commodores used a read scheme. That forced them to wait for the offensive linemen’s move before they countered. Now, they attack right away, willing to trade the occasional offsides penalty for a sack or tackle behind the line of scrimmage.

"I’m able to use my athleticism," Lohr said. "Compared to other lines in the SEC some people might consider us undersized. But we look at that as an advantage because we are able to use our speed and movements and get pressure in the backfield. Once you learn the plays and you feel comfortable with the system you’re able to play faster. When you play faster you make more plays and disrupt the backfield."