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Friendly Reminder: Thursday's Game vs. South Carolina Is A Blackout

Father. Coach. Marketing Genius. SAVANT.
Father. Coach. Marketing Genius. SAVANT.

On Thursday, August 16th, I had the great pleasure of attending Vanderbilt football practice. When I first walked out onto the practice field, the team had already finished stretching and were broken out by units for drills. Coach Franklin was on the other side of the facility.

Within a few minutes, he was walking over and introducing himself to all of that day’s guests. As he shook each person’s hand, the savvy marketer that he is, he handed each person a brand new Nike Dri-Fit Vanderbilt Football t-shirt and a sharp, traditional, fitted Nike Star-V hat.

I couldn’t help but notice that my hat was a little different.

It wasn’t fitted, which was mildly disappointing. Of course, that disappointment quickly wore off when I turned the damn thing around:


That’s right. ALL BLACK. Though you may have seen one before now, I’d like to present the official hat of the season opener. Well played, Coach. And thanks again.

REMINDER: Thursday’s game vs. South Carolina is a BLACK OUT