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Vanderbilt Football: James Franklin Unveils Commodores 2012 Uniforms

Earlier tonight in front of a packed house in the new campus bookstore, Coach James Franklin unlocked another achievement for the Vanderbilt Commodores football program: unveil season's new uniforms to genuine excitement. They weren't Pro Combat; they were actually sharp.

Overall, the changes weren't too dramatic with the exception of the new gold jersey. The white and black jerseys no longer have piping. The Star V is now on both hips (aligned with the Star V's on the helmets). There is an anchor at the base of the collar on the front. "Anchor Down" is stitched into the collar.

"The Death Star." "The Black Death." Whatever you called them last season, Commodore fans fell in love with the all blacks. They're back, of course. But they've got some competition.


Stormtrooper or The Stig? I can't decide which I prefer but I am digging whatever venn-diagram-section-meets-twilight-zone world we are now inhabiting.

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