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Basketball: Vanderbilt 65, Florida 73 -- Postgame Report

Of course, it's a bit frustrating to see Florida come out against Kentucky the next game and shoot 22.2% from three point range and shoot 66.7% from the free throw line (though you can attribute some of that to Kentucky -- they played a stellar game).

The Dores have been in an offensive funk since the Tennessee game, shooting 31.6%, 28.6%, and 32.0% from three point land in their last three games. The team's long range percentage has dropped to just under 40% on the season. This would be a good week to see a statistical correction.

Festus' knee issues have recurred, and he's been missing practice time since before the Arkansas game. We saw how not having our starting lineup healthy enough for consistent practice time affected the team earlier in the year -- it wasn't until before the Marquette game that the team finally started to hit its stride with regards to health.

Possessions 68.6 68.1
Points Per Possession 0.95 1.07
FG% 41.5% 38.3%
3FG% 32.0% 45.8%
FT% 72.2% 94.1%
Assist/Turnovers 0.71 0.86
Assists/Field Goals Made 54.5% 52.2%
% of Points by 3FG 36.9% 45.2%
Four Factors
eFG% 49.1% 47.5%
OReb% 28.6% 36.8%
TO% 24.8% 20.4%
FTRate 34.0% 28.3%

Periscope prediction: No Periscope for this game Result: No periscope, no result.

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Plus/Minus Adjusted Per 40 Minutes