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Join the Anchor of Gold Bowl Pick'em League!

Think you know college football? Then sign up for a chance to prove that you're better than every other Commodore fan when it comes to picking the winners of this year's bowl lineup!

Really? Western Kentucky over Central Michigan? You sure about that?
Really? Western Kentucky over Central Michigan? You sure about that?
Frederick Breedon

The 2012-2013 Anchor of Gold Bowl Pick'em is LIVE! Come join your favorite* Vanderbilt bloggers in this year's test of bowl-picking skills. You've got from now until December 15th to throw down your predictions for all 35 postseason games that will round out another solid year of college football.

Instead of Yahoo!, we'll be turning to a homegrown project to host the picks and our league's rankings. SofaChamps is a project put together by a couple of Vandy alums, and they're both staples of Vandyville before every Commodore kickoff. They've also added helpful features like possible points and aggregated the most meaningful games for our group based on everyone's picks.

Here's the login information. Follow this link:

Then register your team. You'll be prompted to fill out your entry, but you don't have to complete it until before the first game kicks off on the 15th.

Once you're done with that, click on the "Find or Create a League" button. Then, search Public Leagues to find "Anchor of Gold." Just sign up and you're in the running. The official league URL is:

The winner will get a frontpaged FanPost with which they can taunt the crumpled masses that they've left in their wake. And there might be some other prizes as well - including an Earl Bennett watch if the AoG essay contests tanks as badly as I think it will.

So sign up today and get prognosticating. It'll give you something to root for other than your hangover being mercifully brief when January 1st rolls around.