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The AoG FanPost Contest: Win a Deuce Brand Earl Bennett Watch!

Want to win an Agent Orange watch? All you have to do is write up a FanPost tied to the Earl of Touchdowns himself.

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This guy would like you to have one of his signature watches.
This guy would like you to have one of his signature watches.
Ronald Martinez

Last week, Deuce Brand and AoG teamed to bring you an exclusive interview with Chicago Bears receiver and Vandy record holder Earl Bennett. Today, we're giving you a chance to win the exclusive Agent Orange watch.


We're happy to announce the Earl Bennett Agent Orange essay contest. The fine folks over at Deuce were kind enough to sponsor a giveaway that will deliver the Vanderbilt legend's customized watch to one deserving Commodore fan. And, of course, since we're Vandy fans, we decided to make it an essay contest. Feel free to hit us with your best nerd jokes in the comments below.

Entry is simple; all you have to do is write a FanPost centered around Earl Bennett. It can be an in-depth look at how badly Vanderbilt got screwed when Bennett was flagged for excessive celebration against Florida. It can be a comparison between the careers of Bennett and his spiritual successor Jordan Matthews. Hell, it can even be a look at the team's offenses in 2005 and 2012. The only rule is that it has to tie back to the Earl of Touchdowns in some way - even tangentially.

Submit your work through the FanPosts section, and be sure to start your headline with "Agent Orange Contest:". We'll leave the contest open until December 14th, giving everyone a full week to put together their thoughts. KVIJ and I will then confer at the official AoG headquarters and pick a winner.

So, crack open your laptops and start digging into Vanderbilt statistics. We'll front page any and all well written entries, and thanks to SBNation your work could end up getting distributed across a worldwide network of sports fans. We're looking forward to seeing what the AoG community can come up with on this one.