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CONFIRMED: Don't Expect a "Commodore All-Access" Series From WZTV Fox 17 Anytime Soon

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Dan! Ssshhh....
Dan! Ssshhh....

WZTV "Fox 17"'s Dan Phillips probably had a longer evening than he thought he was going to have earlier in the day, thanks to a series of miscues on the ol' twitters. I'm sure you can find some entertaining reading by perusing his mentions...

Here are the highlights. I'm limiting this to original tweets and not replies. Mr. Phillips did back track a bit on some of it, and I recommend visiting his feed to get the full context.

First, a reply to David Morrison's tweet from NC State's press conference:

A couple follow ups:

Then a reply to Jeff Lockridge's tweet about Yow and Franklin's long standing professional relationship:

Et la pièce de résistance: