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Dores Outlast Tigers, 17-13

Vanderbilt beats Auburn, takes all-time series lead. Zac Stacy breaks the Commodore career rushing yardage record.

Congratulations, Zac!
Congratulations, Zac!

It wasn't pretty. The Commodores sought out plenty of opportunities to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Historically, this was the kind of game Vanderbilt gifts to its SEC brethren. Turnovers, questionable play calling and decision making were more than enough to offset several quality drives that, on their own, told the tale of a different game. Fortunately, this was not a vintage Auburn team and the Commodores defense held strong as Auburn's last ditch offensive possession ended in desperation.

How nice it must be for a pretty woeful Tigers team to have the kind of traveling support they received today in Nashville. The Orange and Blue were out and about and they were there early. And boy were they talkative. I had the good fortune of meeting one Auburn fan who claimed to have been the current university president's roommate in college. If he is to be believed, the president allegedly told him after last week's loss that Tigers Head Coach Gene Chizik wasn't going to be coaching today's game. That obviously didn't come to pass, though one can imagine if that conversation did take place that we'll probably see some movement this week.

As for the game, there isn't a lot to talk about other than:

  1. The team did what it took to win the game despite making it very difficult on themselves. We've yet to see a truly flawless performance from the team. Hopefully they're saving those for the end of the season in other winnable games.
  2. Zac Freaking Stacy. Congratulations to him and to the team. What a phenomenal young man, on and off the field.
  3. Vanderbilt once again own the all-time series lead against an SEC opponent. Unfortunately for the Auburn faithful, ye olde "off wiff 'is 'ead" punishment is no longer fashionable.

The team really, really needed to get this win and they came through. Sighs of relief, libations for everyone. On to UMass and what should be the return to a .500 record. Roll tide!