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Basketball: Vanderbilt 69, Alabama 59 -- Postgame Report

Don't let the final score fool you. This was an absolute beatdown. Alabama's defense is stifling -- you don't post an adjusted 84.9 defensive efficiency (KenPom) by accident. Entering the game, Vanderbilt's offensive efficiency was 109.6. If the game had ended at the 4:20 mark in the second half, Vandy would have hit its average. That is a remarkable feat in and of itself.

Most importantly for Commodore fans, the Vanderbilt defense was the bigger story. They are a completely different team on the defensive end than we've seen in the last three or four years, probably since 2006-2007. Now, Alabama's offense hasn't exactly been the recipient of great praise from experts, but they came into the game averaging only 2 points fewer per 100 possessions than the Commodores (adjusted) at 107.4. Vanderbilt absolutely tore the Crimson Tide offense apart.

What's remarkable wasn't just that this happened. It was the way it happened. We continue to hear from the ESPN's, the CBS's, etc. about how difficult it is for teams to play on the road. Well, Vanderbilt is an overtime loss (sans-Festus) away from being undefeated on the road this season. Vanderbilt hasn't won these games specifically because they went crazy from long range. They've won with improved defensive play and with superior toughness.

After the game, Stallings mentioned that Festus Ezeli was a beast tonight, despite being only somewhere around 70% (!). That is an absolutely terrifying prospect for future opponents.

Possessions 67.8 67.8
Points Per Possession 1.02 0.87
FG% 40.0% 32.9%
3FG% 44.4% 25.0%
FT% 72.4% 70.0%
Assist/Turnovers 0.71 1.63
Assists/Field Goals Made 60.0% 56.5%
% of Points by 3FG 34.8% 30.5%
Four Factors
eFG% 48.0% 37.1%
OReb% 39.4% 30.0%
TO% 25.1% 11.8%
FTRate 58.0% 14.3%

Periscope prediction: "Vanderbilt wins eFG% and FTRate." Result: 3/4. Could have done without those late turnovers...but I'll take a definitive OReb% advantage on the road when I thought it might be a toss-up.

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Plus/Minus Adjusted Per 40 Minutes