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SEC Basketball Power Poll Ballot - Post Week 2 (through January 15th, 2012)

Anchor of Gold Ballot /// Results at Garnet and Black Attack on Wednesday-ish

Since the table doesn't fit on the main page, here are the rankings with commentary. The full table after the jump.

  1. Kentucky Wildcats - Not getting knocked off their perch until they lose in conference
  2. Vanderbilt Commodores - A completely different team now that they’re getting Ezeli back to full strength. Chance to secure #2 spot this week.
  3. Mississippi St. Bulldogs - The transfer Moultrie is making a major impact for the Bulldogs. We’ll learn more about them this week.
  4. Florida Gators - The Gators were stunned by Tennessee on the road, a costly slip up this early.
  5. Alabama Crimson Tide - Is Bama as good as their KenPom ranking? We’ll find out this week.
  6. Tennessee Volunteers - If I’m giving VU some slack for losing without Ezeli, I’m giving UT some slack for just adding Stokes. They get the chance to earn it for keeps this week.
  7. Arkansas Razorbacks - Arkansas takes the 7th spot thanks to their victory over LSU this past weekend.
  8. LSU Tigers - It’s interesting to see how quickly the luster of that "surprise" team moniker evaporated.
  9. Mississippi Rebels - Quick math formula: Best player dismissed (Dundrecous Nelson, the marjuana) =/= Dubyas. Alternative: if Dundrecous Nelson hadn’t been dismissed, Ole Miss would be much higher
  10. Auburn Tigers - If the light preconference schedule doesn’t come back to bite them, I could see Auburn finishing the season much higher.
  11. Georgia Bulldogs - After the results against Bama and Florida, I thought the Bulldogs showed a lot more heart against Vandy. If Fox can get that effort from them consistently, the Bulldogs will move up. Kentavious is a player.
  12. South Carolina Gamecocks - The Gamecocks need a little more time for Bruce Ellington to gel. Darrin Horn hopes it doesn’t happen too late.
## Team Overall SEC KenPom Last Week This Week
01 Kentucky Wildcats 17-01 3-0 005 W15-@Aub, W3-@UT vs. Ark, vs. Ala
02 Vanderbilt Commodores 13-04 3-0 036 W10-@SC, W11-vUGA @ Ala, vs. MSt
03 Mississippi St. Bulldogs 15-03 2-1 056 W4-vUT, W4-vAla @MS, @VU
04 Florida Gators 14-04 2-1 012 W22-vUGA, W14-@SC vs. LSU
05 Alabama Crimson Tide 13-04 2-1 014 W16-vLSU, L4-@MSt vs. VU, @ UK
06 Tennessee Volunteers 08-09 1-2 100 L4-@MSt, L3-vUK @ UGA, vs. UConn
07 Arkansas Razorbacks 13-04 2-1 079 L8-@MS, W9-vLSU @ UK, vs. Mich
08 LSU Tigers 11-06 1-2 077 L16-@Ala, L9-@Ark vs. Aub, @ UF
09 Mississippi Rebels 11-06 1-2 124 W8-vArk, L1-@Aub (2OT) vs. MSt, @ UGA
10 Auburn Tigers 11-06 1-2 207 L15-vUK, W1-vMS (2OT) @ LSU, vs. SC
11 Georgia Bulldogs 09-08 0-3 135 L22-@UF, L11-@VU vs. UT, vs. MS
12 South Carolina Gamecocks 08-09 0-3 130 L10-vVU, L14-vUF @ Aub, vs. Ala