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Basketball: Vanderbilt 77, Georgia 66 -- Postgame Report

If you listened to this past Thursday's Commodore Call-In Show, you might think that Kevin Stallings is a prophet. He talked about how he was curious to see his team respond in a game where they didn't particularly shoot it well from outside. Lo and behold, Coach Stallings got his wish. The Commodores ground out a hard-fought win over a tough Georgia Bulldogs team.

Two stats that I found interesting: Vanderbilt's percentage of points from three point shots was only 19.5%, a season low. Free throw rate (free throw attempts divided by field goal attempts) was 107.3% (!). When a team like Vanderbilt isn't shooting well from outside, it absolutely must pound the ball inside. Most teams aren't equipped for both, and that combination is a part of why Vanderbilt was rated so highly in the preseason. It's also an important indicator that the team is finally adjusting to the return of Festus Ezeli, and that Festus is edging closer to full health.

Possessions 61.9 59.6
Points Per Possession 1.24 1.09
FG% 51.2% 38.9%
3FG% 33.3% 29.6%
FT% 68.2% 83.3%
Assist/Turnovers 0.91 1.44
Assists/Field Goals Made 47.6% 61.9%
% of Points by 3FG 19.5% 36.9%
Four Factors
eFG% 57.3% 46.3%
OReb% 42.3% 33.3%
TO% 17.8% 14.5%
FTRate 107.3% 33.3%

Periscope prediction: "Vanderbilt wins eFG%, FTRate and OReb%. Georgia wins TO%." Result: 4/4. No big deal. :)

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