Image Overhaul ... The Oregon Way


Below is an interesting article that I found that discusses Oregon's recent success in football and how it's mostly related to their uniforms and their association with Nike.

CJF is pushing recruits with some valid points (world class education, great city atmoshere, SEC football, playing time) however, just as he did with getting the locker room upgraded the next step, in my mind there are two necessary subjects that Vice Chancellor Williams should push funding for:

Indoor practice facilities and new uniform designs - After the Jump                                                         

(1) I know that we don't have a lot of real estate for additional facilities. However, I don't see how it would be a problem to turn our current practice facilities into an indoor site. Seriously, how hard can it be? Yes, the football and soccer teams may be put out for a season but there are plenty of facilities in the vicinity of Vanderbilt's campus for them to continue practice until the project is completed. It's not  like we're asking for a new stadium to be built. We're just asking to install a steel framed roof on our current facilities!

(2) If we can successfully reach out to Nike to personally design a new uniform collection for Vandy just imagine the impact we would have on potential recruits. The old guys can say what they want but kids pick schools for reasons other than potential championships. Kids in this day of age care more about how they look doing what they love and that's done by media coverage and equipment/uniforms. I've known of some recruits who pick schools based on facilities, logos, colors, and even brand (ie Nike vs. Adidas vs. Under Armor). We need to embrace that concept and make it our philosphy to attrack the best and the brightests kids in every way possible.

Plus, I've always wanted to see a two-tone black-n-gold helmet design similar to San Diego State's helmet with black fading into gold and our beautiful Star-n-V logo on the side.


Finally, I loved the black uniforms that Oregon rocked against LSU in the Cowboys Classic game. Imagine those uniforms with gold lettering, Star-n-V logos, and numbers instead of neon green = Pimp!!!

Go' Dores...Anchor Down!!!

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