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SEC Power Poll: Week 2 Ballot

The first week of September always brings out three things: sub-sixty-degree temperatures, the subsequent pullovers, and the SEC Power Poll. One of those things is true.

Here is our week 2 SEC Power Poll ballot. Wins were valued over losses. Deal with it.

It is customary for SEC Power Poll ballots to include team-by-team commentary. Feel free to weigh in on my ballot or to provide a comment for a particular team (humor is encouraged). The best comments will be submitted along with the ballot later tonight. (Seriously, I'd love some help with the comments)


  1. LSU Tigers
  2. Alabama Crimson Tide
  3. Arkansas Razorbacks
  4. Mississippi St. Bulldogs
  5. South Carolina Gamecocks
  6. Florida Gators
  7. Tennessee Volunteers
  8. Auburn Tigers
  9. Vanderbilt Commodores
  10. Kentucky Wildcats
  11. Georgia Bulldogs
  12. Mississippi Rebels