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College Football Top 25 Blogpoll: Week 2 Ballot

Each week the extremely talented and good-looking staff here at AOG will focus our powerful brains on the task of creating a draft ballot. We will then have our powerful brains command our impressive and defined musculoskeletal systems to type out said draft ballot onto the internets (we prefer chisels but we're old-fashioned and ripped). We then ask that our army of genius, beautiful readers (they're mostly female because as I have mentioned we are extremely good looking, your AOG staff) to provide their critiques via a highly intellectual discourse in the section below that is reserved for only the most respected and valued of commentators of intelligence somehow in excess of even our own. Once a consensus has been reached, we shall make the necessary alterations to the ballot and finalize it with the Blogpoll collective. From that point forward, our ballot will stand above the rest, for the size of its sheer awesome shall be unmatched.

Behold our week two Blogpoll Top 25 draft ballot after the jump. Take a stab at improving what most would consider perfection. Ballots are not finalized until 9am ET tomorrow morning.