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The College Football Super-Conference BUZZ MAP

So, I've been drawn into this magic fantasy conference realignment saga like a moth to a magic fantasy conference realignment flame. It's actually more interesting than the season itself. But as a geographer, there has been a missing piece to this drama. Simply put, when the dust settles, what is the landscape of major college football going to look like ... on a map!? Will the new Pac 16 still be "Pac"? Will the Southeastern Conference still be southern? Will the Big 10 stretch from sea to shining sea? Will there even be another super-conference, and if so will it be a calico mottled mess? So I decided to fill in the missing piece. Take a look, and let me know what you think!

Major updates since our last version:

This is our first version, so ... Nebraska bolted the Big 12 for the Big 10 (B1G), Colorado and Utah joined up with the new Pac 12, Texas A&M is headed to the SEC, the ACC reached for permanent super-conference status by adding Syracuse and Pittsburgh. Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State are seriously considering application to the Pac whatever. The Southwest Conference is rumored to be going away completely, the WAC is considering expansion to 16 teams, and Tulane decided to leave the SEC. Crazy times are these.

What's next? 

Well, Texas and Oklahoma are doing something. Gotta think they're packing up Ok State and Texas Tech and heading out to the new Pac 16. I say, add Baylor and make it an even 17.

Missouri is now, amazingly, in the cat bird's seat. Check 'em out in the middle of everything! I suspect they have an open, informal invitation to the SEC ... but will the B1G (do we call them that?) come in and steal them away?

Is the ACC done expanding for now? Connecticut wants them. Does Rutgers? Or, will Rutgers get wooed by the B1G?

West Virginia wants the SEC desperately, but does the SEC want West Virginia?

Is the ACC actually safe with their new additions? Or will Maryland (possible B1G target) and Virginia Tech (logical SEC fit) head off to greener pastures, setting off heaven knows what kind of chain reaction?

Take a look!

Click to embiggen

Looking forward to your comments and input.

Brian Ward