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Vanderbilt vs. UConn -- Gameday Links

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Less than twelve hours until kickoff time in Nashville. In case you missed anything this week, here's what you need to get back up to speed. Be sure to join us in the comments of our gamethread, which will post about two hours before kickoff.

AOG Vandy - UConn Coverage

The Commodore Review. Train Island takes a closer look at how the Commodores did against Elon.

Whither UConn? Welcome to Nashville, Huskies. C'mon in. Take your shoes off and stay awhile. Let's get to know each other.

Heir Jordan. Brett McReynolds wonders if Vanderbilt might be better served, long term, if Coach Franklin started Jordan Rodgers the rest of the season.

Expert Predictions By Noted Experts. Fancying a bit of a gamble this weekend? Try using our highly accurate futurecast. ***Legal note: Your mileage may will vary***

Video of the Day

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Also on AOG

Conferenspansion. Brian S. Ward is so connected that he knows exactly what's going to happen.

Pro Combattadores. Jonathan Freudenthal notes the link between Oregon's uniforms and its success. Would it work at Vanderbilt?

September Madness? If Jon Rothstein tweets his interview of Coach Stallings and I'm there to make an article out of it, does this make me insane? How much foam do I have to drool before it's officially "a problem"?

Other Vandy - UConn Coverage

Fitz Lassing is a versatile football player.

Coach Franklin is familiar with UConn. He also sees the opportunity in the challenge of coaching at Vanderbilt.

The Economics of Losing: Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love revenue sharing | InsideVandy

Jordan Matthews may be a future focus of defenses.

Is Casey Hayward the new D.J. Moore?

Coach Mac will be honored at the UConn game.

Vanderbilt defense wants to be sharper on second down | The Tennessean |

Vanderbilt braces for tougher Week 2 game vs. Connecticut | The Tennessean |

Warren Norman will likely return against UConn.

Larry Smith's numbers were better than they looked, according to Coach Franklin.

Josh Grady will play this season if injuries force Vanderbilt's hand.

Boclair: A solid foundation or flight of fancy; Vanderbilt's victory gives mixed signals | Nashville City Paper

Commodores won't play it close to the vest against UConn | Nashville City Paper

Chris Boyd actually dreamt of scoring a touchdown against Elon.

MORAL VICTORY!: Vandy’s odds getting smaller on paper, but still steep

MORAL VICTORY!: Vandy gets verbal commitment from 6-foot-8 lineman

MORAL VICTORY!: Josh Grady's Twitter post draws the wrath of Franklin

MORAL VICTORY!: Freshmen compose 80 percent of Vandy's second-team offensive line

MORAL VICTORY!: How Vandy's future opponents fared this weekend

MORAL VICTORY!: Jerron Seymour and Spencer Pulley burn redshirts — Did Joe Townsend? Did Andrew Bridges play?

MORAL VICTORY!: James Franklin says the Vanderbilt-Elon game was closer than it looked — that's just the way we like it

Journal Inquirer > Archives > Sports > UConn set to unleash defense

Huskies head south to face Vanderbilt

ESPN's SEC Blogger Chris Low predicts certain Commodore victory.

Team Speed Kills' Vanderbilt vs. Connecticut preview

ESU grad Franklin tackles one of football's toughest jobs |

Other Selections

SEC Football by the Numbers: Week 2 |

This Week in College Football History: Sept. 12 - Sept. 18

September 12, 1981- Vanderbilt christened Vanderbilt Stadium with a 23-17 upset of Maryland in Nashville, Tenn. The 41,000-seat venue was constructed on top of previously existing Dudley Field, where the Commodores had played since 1922. Vanderbilt quarterback Whit Taylor, who passed for 259 yards and two touchdowns on the day, orchestrated an 86-yard scoring drive, capped with a five-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Phil Roach with 5:11 to play, to secure the victory. 


Casali, Whitecaps fall one win short of playoffs

Vanderbilt: 2011 – 2012 Men’s College Squash Season Preview | College Squash Association