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Anchor of Gold College Football Pick 'Em Pool, Complete With Prizes and Rules

Go ahead, re-read that headline. PRIZES. Hoo-boy've we hit the big time.

The freshly opened (and SB Nation-partnered) Gameday Depot (pardon their dust, they only just flipped the switch today) is providing a $50 gift certificate to the season-long winner of the 2011 Anchor of Gold College Football Pick 'Em Pool and $10 gift certificates to one winner each week. The SBN Overlords have polished up the official rules of the contest, but the abbreviated version is that you can't win more than one pool across the SBN network (other sites are doing this as well) so don't even bother entering other sites' pools, you can't win more than once in any given 30 day period (except that winning a weekly contest at any time doesn't disqualify you from also winning the grand prize), and tiebreakers will be used to preclude ties -- THOUGH YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY JOIN THE AOG POOL SINCE FEWER PEOPLE WILL BE JOINING HERE AND YOU CAN TOTALLY GAME THE SYSTEM AND HAVE A BETTER CHANCE TO WIN AT THIS OMG.

So if you haven't joined up yet, head over to Yahoo Sports (click first) and join the pool named "Anchor of Gold" (you won't be able to see the group until you join). [UPDATE: The Group ID is 16073, if you're having trouble. Apologies for any confusion...You have until kickoff on Thursday, September 1 to join up and make your picks, so sign up and spread the word.

Password is "jamesfranklin", obviously.