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Vanderbilt Football: New Commodore Creed Video Released

Vanderbilt today unleashed the newest version of its Commodore Creed video. This is an established AOG talking point over the last 8 months: the marketing department is doing an outstanding job. I don't know if they hired new people or simply told existing employees to step up their game. Whatever the case may be, the quality of the craftmanship is obvious.

Here is the old video of 2008 vintage:


Not bad at all. Certainly I was expecting more jokes or banjo play from that Steve Martin fellow. Now check out the 2011 James Franklin version.

Right of the bat, you'll notice the HDs. All 720p of them. I'd say that's a slight upgrade over the paltry 240 in the 2008 version. HD content was almost non-existent from VUCommodores until 2011. Also, filters.

Muscles are larger. Intensity tastes more like burning. Increased usage of props (ex. chains) and tattoos. Definitely an upgrade.

Did I miss anything? Your reaction in the comments.