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Vanderbilt Football Practice Highlights Are Here to Make Friday Better

Fridays are slow days, and if you're like us you're searching hard for a workday distraction. Thankfully, has hooked us all up with a great one - a two minute, high definition, slow motion highlight reel of the past week of practice. You'll get to see old friends like Larry Smith and new guys like Mitchell Hester put together impressive performances for first-year coach James Franklin. The video is above. A comprehensive breakdown of the awesome plays you're seeing is below:

0:14 - Mitchell Hester shows explosive movement, getting to the hole for a double-digit yardage pickup.

0:25 - Jordan Matthews shows off a crisp out pattern at WR.

0:44 - Josh Grady creates space and scrambles forward for a gain.

1:03 - More Hester, as the freshman pulls off a nifty spin move to lose a defender. He's this video's MVP.

1:12 - Jordan Rodgers threads a pass through three defenders to hit Wesley Tate 20 yards downfield. This is the first we've seen of Tate at his new position.

1:23 - Larry Smith avoids a blitz to calmly get a quick pass off.

1:29 - OT Ryan Seymour makes DE Kyle Woestmann look foolish.

1:33 - Larry Smith to Brandon Barden for a touchdown, a call we'll probably be hearing a few times in 2011.

In all, it's encouraging stuff from the Commodores. Sure, it's a propaganda highlight reel, but Hester looks impressive, and Matthews's ability to create space could be a real asset for this team. The video has a distinct slant towards the offense, but that's where this team needs to shine most to win SEC games and bring fans to Dudley Field.