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2011 CWS: Vanderbilt's Potential Schedule in Omaha

Here is a quick rundown of Vanderbilt's potential schedule at the 2011 College World Series in Omaha, in case you're having trouble planning your trip:

First Game: Saturday, 1pm CT vs UNC Tar Heels on ESPN (Listed as Game 1).

If Vandy LOSES Game 1: Monday 1pm CT vs Texas/Florida Loser on ESPN (Listed as Game 5).

If Vandy WINS Game 1: Monday 6pm CT vs Texas/Florida Winner on ESPN2 (Listed as Game 6).

If Vandy WINS Game 5: Wednesday 6pm CT vs Game 6 Loser on ESPN2 (Listed as Game 9).

If Vandy WINS Game 6 or Game 9: Friday 1pm CT vs Game 6 Winner / Game 9 Winner on ESPN (Listed as Game 11).

If Vandy WINS Game 6 and LOSES Game 11: Saturday 1pm CT vs Game 11 Winner on ESPN (Listed as Game 13).

At this point, if Vanderbilt wins its bracket, the Commodores will advance to the best 2 of 3 CWS Championship Series vs. the winner of the Virginia / South Carolina / California / [Texas A&M / Florida State] bracket.

Championship Series

Championship Games 1-3 are scheduled for Monday, June 27th through Wednesday, June 29th at 7pm CT on ESPN.

Much less confusing 2011 NCAA CWS Bracket after the jump.

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