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Links: Nashville Super Regional - Game 1 Edition

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Commodore infield fans know to all cheer "Gold!" in unison via <a href=""></a>
Commodore infield fans know to all cheer "Gold!" in unison via

Before we start with the links, here's an Anchor of Gold Public Service Announcement for the Super Regionals -- With regards to the "Black!" "Gold!" chant, the proper method requires the fans in the OUTFIELD bleachers to first yell "Black!" The INFIELD will then follow in unison with "Gold!" It is imperative that people in the infield resist the urge to start the chant by yelling "Black!", as it limits the effectiveness and sheer awesomeness of the chant. If you notice anyone who is struggling with the proper methodology, please share with them this helpful strategy guide.


Infield fans - Do you part, do not start!
Outfield fans - Start the cheer, make them fear!



On with the links.

Vanderbilt Commodore Baseball

Nashville SR: Who has the edge? | Perfect Game USA

Four out of five categories agree, Vanderbilt has the edge.


Tim Corbin, Vanderbilt players talk Oregon State | Vanderbilt


Previewing Vanderbilt With AOG's Christian D'Andrea - Building The Dam

Q. What's the hotter ticket in town, CMA Music Festival, Bonnaroo Festival, or OSU-Vandy? A. The CMA Music Festival. No doubt. Have you ever HEARD Josh Turner sing? The man's voice is so deep it rattles every seat in LP Field. If you bring a girlfriend to the concert, your job is halfway done by the time his set ends.

Just a taste. Our Q&A with ConnorOSU from Building The Dam, SB Nation's excellent Oregon State blog will be up soon. Until then, you should be sure to check them out.


Vanderbilt tries to turn home-field advantage into 1st trip to Omaha for College World Series - The Washington Post

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Vanderbilt Commodores can’t wait to find out how much home field advantage helps in the super regional of the NCAA tournament.


College Baseball World Series: Vanderbilt's Pitching Will Handcuff Beavers | Bleacher Report

The Beavers’ one-two punch of Sonny Gray and Grayson Garvin is up there with the best in the country.

Oh, Bleacher Report, you never fail to disappoint me with your factual inaccuracies...


Vanderbilt poses major challenge for OSU | Statesman Journal |

Give Oregon State coach Pat Casey credit for effective use of hyperbole.


Dunn has been vital to success of the Beavers


Vanderbilt baseball aims for first College World Series appearance | The Tennessean |

Vanderbilt’s baseball program may just be the best in the country not to make the College World Series. But this year’s Commodores have perhaps the best chance to shake that tag.


Commodores insist next series is nothing special | Nashville City Paper

Vanderbilt hosts Oregon State in best-of-three super regional with College World Series spot at stake College: Super-Regionals: 2011 Super Regional Capsules: Part I

A couple of choice quotes (of several....seriously, you should check out their preview):

On Vanderbilt's bullpen

"It might be the best bullpen in the history of college baseball. I know you can't speak in superlatives like that, but the way they can match up in the bullpen is just unreal..."

On Oregon State's chances

"If people think it's a slam dunk that Vanderbilt's going to roll, I just don't think so. If Vandy is absolutely the real deal, then they'll do what they do. Look at the history of the two programs: Oregon State's done a lot more winning than Vandy has. If Vanderbilt's pitching is as good as advertised, it could go pretty quick. For Oregon State to win that, I think Vanderbilt would have to choke. I hate to say it, but there's history of that, and Oregon State has a history of winning. That matchup is funny, because you'd think on paper it's a slam dunk. Oregon State is tough, they play in a tough league, and they're not going to be intimidated by Vanderbilt—you can take that to the bank. Casey is a good game coach. They know how to do one thing: They know how to win. And they know how to win in big moments. They're not dangerous on paper; they're just dangerous to play."