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Top 25 NCAA Baseball Tracker

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The AOG Top 25 NCAA Baseball Tracker is a nice little spreadsheet to keep track of the five main college baseball Top 25 polls. Teams are ranked based on composite score across the various polls. There are other composite rankings out there. Some of them only use four sources. This uses five and is thusly one louder. Four is for sissies and people who like ties. Having five sources helps break ties. No big deal.


Δ - Change in ranking from last week to this week (green is a positive jump - from 3rd to 1st; red is negative)
ESPNESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll
BABaseball America
PGPerfect Game
NCBWANational Collegiate Baseball Writers of America
CBCollegiate Baseball
Note: To be eligible for conclusion, a team must in the top 25 of at least one of the five polls. This list will vary in length depending solely on the deviation between the various polls.

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