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Signs of the coming 2012 Apocalypse: Vanderbilt Stole Recruit From Virginia Tech

In case you were looking for the first potential sign that 2012 is indeed the dawn of the Apocalypse, yesterday Vanderbilt inked the signature of a highly rated (Scout has him as a four star) quarterback out of the Virginia Beach area who had previously verbally committed to Virginia Tech.

I'll give you a moment to let that sink in:

Vanderbilt, a team two seasons removed from appearing (and winning) the Music City Bowl (it's first bowl berth since 1982), a team that compiled an envious 4-20 record over those two seasons post "Bowl-run," walked into the heart of a lion's den and plucked a little cherub from beneath her slumbering form.

Lest we all forget, Virginia Tech played in a BCS bowl game (Orange) last season. If they want a kid in Virginia Beach, THEY GET THE KID IN VIRGINIA BEACH. This doesn't happen. Ever. Especially by Vanderbilt. Ever.

Changes are afoot. Same ol' Vandy? Use that phrase at your own peril.