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Donate to the National Commodore Club. Do It.

The Administration has stepped up by investing in great coaches and improved facilities. The Coaches have stepped up by recruiting better players and building teams that can compete on a national stage - and, in the case of Coach Stallings, by contributing $100,000 of his own salary to pay for a trip to Australia. Now, it's time for alumni and fans to step up by donating to the NCC.

If you spend much of your time on Anchor of Gold, you obviously support Vanderbilt athletics with your time and energy. So, why should you donate your money too?

Vanderbilt athletics are a source of pride. In the cesspool that is the SEC, Vanderbilt manages not only to compete, but also to win the right way. We don't cheat by paying parents of recruits; we don't admit kids who beat up police officers at bars; we don't lie to NCAA investigators after committing multiple violations; and we don't subscribe to the idea that a solid 40 time can overcome a criminal record. Yet, we still manage to beat schools that do all of these things regularly.

The results speak for themselves. The basketball team is a legitimate threat to contend in the SEC and make a run in what would be its fourth NCAA Tournament appearance in five years. The baseball team enters the preseason ranked #3 in the country and looks like a possible contender in Omaha. The new football coach just brought in a Top 50 recruiting class, including players who picked Vanderbilt over schools like Virginia Tech, Arizona State, Mississippi State, North Carolina, and Nebraska. Finally, several of our non-revenue sports, such as women's lacrosse and tennis, are ranked nationally and could compete for championships.

The best way to ensure that this progress continues is to donate to the NCC. Vanderbilt is not a huge state school, so every donation helps. Plus, donating to the NCC entitles you to some pretty nice benefits.

Here is the link to join the NCC. If you are already a member, I encourage you to think about increasing your contribution. Go Dores!